How can TC TSY help?

"TSY uses yoga forms as opportunities to notice what we feel in our bodies and to practice making choices about what to do with our bodies"

TCTSY can help people suffering from Complex Trauma, PTSD & Developmental Trauma by:

  • Safely and gently encouraging the connection to your body and mind

  • Experiencing being in the present moment

  • Practising making choices

  • Experiencing taking effective action to adjust as you prefer



What happens in a session?

In Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga sessions, "...participants are in control over what they are doing with their body at all times.  The teacher is there to provide safe, professional guidance and to help participants focus on particular dynamics (what muscles they are using, what it feels like to have their feet on the ground, what it feels like to breathe, etc." ( 2016)

There are no hands on assists, our language is invitational & you will always be provided with choices.

"In group classes, participants do not have to talk to other participants, making TSY classes more comfortable for those individuals who find it difficult to be in groups."

Class outline

Classes are taught in a series usually over an eight-week series to help build a safe, gentle and friendly relationship with your body.

Classes are small with a minimum of four and a maximum of ten participants.

A drop in class which is Trauma Informed is taught in Glebe.


For more infromation about the suitablilty of a class contact me.